• Ready-made buildings in the residential complex “enviable”

    Get ready apartments in new buildings Vidnoe: RC “enviable” corp. 7 and 10. Flats of 3 million rubles.! Installment. Ipoteka. ZhK “enviable” corp. 7 – to 68 692 rub./m2 RC “enviable” corp. 10 – from 64, 438 rub./m2 All buildings in the residential complex “enviable” Close to Moscow – just 4 km from Moscow! The new neighborhood “Eligible” – part of the ambitious project of integrated development of a prominent. Land for construction of district located in the southern part of town, just 4 km from Moscow to Kashirskoe highway! This direction is one of the most comfortable and supportive for zhizni. Transportnaya availability. One major advantage of Vidnoe – a convenient transport links to Moscow. To get to the new buildings can be just 20-25 minutes from the Metro, “Kantemirovskaya”, “Domodedovo”, “Anya”, “B-p Dmitri Donskoi,” “Street. Skobelevskaya. “Is also available to residents of the city train to Paveletsky station from the station. Rastorguevo. Road to the Ring Road to private vehicles only takes a few minutes. Trail runs through the city of federal significance “Moscow – DON.” Excellent infrastructure. The new neighborhood “enviable” will be provided with all necessary infrastructure: schools, kindergartens, shops, beauty salons and pharmacies. It is also assumed arrangement of ground and surface guest parking and landscaping territorii. Razvitaya education system. Prominent – one of the cities of Moscow, where traditionally a lot of attention paid to issues of education, culture and health. Technical equipment of the schools are not inferior to the capital. A favorable environment. City Prominent above all, a supportive environment is different and picturesque landscape. From the windows of houses with magnificent views of the river Bitsa, the golden dome of the church of St. Nicholas and the surrounding town of fields and woods. Natural idyll! Ample opportunities for recreation and sports. Operate in the city: the school of arts, theater, recreation center, playground, sports palace “prominent”, an ice rink, football stadium, swimming pool, several children’s and youth sports clubs, ballet, theater, literary and other studios. Compared to other cities near Moscow, is a prominent city with a high level of availability of sports facilities naznacheniya. Krome addition, in the vicinity of about 300 prominent historic sites and landmarks, among them a unique manor complexes Leninisky Hills, Sukhanovo, Valuev, Filimonki, Znamenskoye- Sadki. Blizost to capital, access to transportation, favorable ecological environment, attractive and socially-oriented infrastructure – these are the main advantages of new buildings in the MCR. “The successful!” Call and book an apartment in new buildings.



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